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  • Raven Friends: Otters #69

    This unique asset is #69 minted in the Raven Friends Otter Collection. Each character is a 1/1 without a duplicate. We hope you love this otter as much as we do! 

  • Sale!

    Halloween Pumpkin Candle by Synth

    The first of the Pumpkin Candles – a Synth Halloween special limited series!

    6 Pumpkin Candles will be released total, each with a different colour scheme

    Every Pumpkin Candle NFT is a 1/1 !

  • 10x Box of Rocks

    Not know what to get someone? Well, we have something just for your straight from the Humble Mining caves! A box of rocks is always a great gift! Seriously, who wouldn’t want one?

    Purchase includes 10x box of rocks assets built on the Ravencoin blockchain.

    Direct Link to view a Box of Rocks on the Ravencoin blockchain:

    – Proceeds fund The Humble Mining game development. (

  • SkaPunks LEGENDARY #0003

    Continuing our series of LEGENDARY SkaPunks we have #0003, and this one is really special.

    In a true first of its kind for both series, this trumpet playing member of the SkaPunks is both a completely unique DEGEN SMOKERS CLUB member and the first of our smokin’ SkaPunks!

    As with the other LEGENDARIES, this guy is 100% original and hand designed with completely unique features. He’s an incredible addition to anyone’s growing SkaPunks collection!


    Auction Ended
  • Humble Miner Collectible Figure: Edition 001

    Humble Miner Collectible Figures are here!
    Edition: #001
    Reissuable? No
    Total Supply: 1,000

    To view the asset: