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  • BJ Foster FIRST NFT

    BJ Foster’s FIRST NFT.

    ONE-OF-A-KIND digital asset made with the name and likeness of BJ Foster, the starting Defensive Back for the University of Texas. This is the first “on-chain” digital asset ever created for a NCAA athlete. 

    Support this emerging star by owning his digital collectible! 35% of net auction proceeds go directly to BJ.

    This unique collectible is viewable in augmented reality, and does not require any external app downloads to use full functionality.


    Artwork IPFS Hash:QmWuBcDKCQDAt8CkvQ2CC33vC4WnjyRyaCZDsE4HeML524

    This digital collectible is being auctioned and priced in US dollars but alternative currencies will be accepted.

    Other payment forms from the winning bidder, including; Ravencoin (RVN), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Litecoin (LTC). All payment is received directly from the winning bidder at the conclusion of the auction. No escrow of funds is used. The winning Bidder will be notified at the conclusion of the auction and will have 4 hours to remit payment. If payment is not received within 4 hours from the time of auction end, the next highest Bidder will be considered the winner and will be contacted to remit payment in a similar 4 hours window.

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    Auction Ended