IMPORTANT: TheAssetMarketplace does not vet or verify the legitimacy of Buyers, Sellers, or products listed through TheAssetMarketplace. All transactions are peer-to-peer and it is the sole responsibility of the Buyers and Sellers to do their own research before participating in any transactions on

The Asset Marketplace does not take any fees for cryptocurrency or digital asset transactions. Sellers directly receive and retain 100% of the transaction payment. See the purple link at the bottom for a short video about this process.

The Asset Marketplace is a premium marketplace for tangible and intangible assets that feature blockchain based representations and provenance (“Digital assets”, “Non-Fungible Tokens”, “Digital Certificates of Authenticity” etc.). Store Vendors can sell products at a fixed price or auction them. Vendors also have the option to take cryptocurrency as payment directly.  For cryptocurrency, no fees are taken at this time and all cryptocurrency and digital asset transactions are the sole responsibility of the Store Vendor and respective Buyer. All transactions are considered “peer-to-peer” and The Asset Marketplace does not facilitate the transfer of digital assets or cryptocurrency between Buyers and Sellers. The Asset Marketplace and its parent company do not vet the legitimacy of Store Vendors or the products they sell. All Buyers and Sellers on The Asset Marketplace take full responsibility for the transactions they are party to and should always do their own research.

Store Vendors can register and establish their own store front on The Asset Marketplace.  Vendors can connect their PayPal accounts to take payment from buyers, or receive cryptocurrency as payment at the conclusion of the sale. USD payments can take up to 7 business days to process.

**To complete your sales or orders that do not use the built in payment processor, winning Bidders/Buyers should select the “Crypto Payment” option at checkout.  This will prompt an email to you (the Buyer) to send the Seller a message using the “Ask a Question” function on the respective product’s page.  In this message, provide the address you wish to have your digital asset sent to and the Seller will respond with the address and amount of cryptocurrency to remit payment to.  After the Seller has verified your payment, they will remit the order to you. Please always take caution when transacting directly with Buyers and Sellers . TheAssetMarketplace is not liable for any errors in sending/receiving cryptocurrency, digital asset transactions, or physical item fulfillment. Never share sensitive information such as “private keys”.**

Each vendor has their own store and is responsible for the quality and authenticity of the items they sell. When you purchase an item, you are purchasing it from the individual seller, not The Asset Marketplace. Sellers will acquire star ratings over time, and develop reputations for trust and integrity. The Asset Marketplace reserves the right to terminate any Seller from the platform if any buyer reports conduct that is not up to our standards.

Click Here for a tutorial about Crypto Payments and Check out.