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  • 10x Box of Rocks

    Not know what to get someone? Well, we have something just for your straight from the Humble Mining caves! A box of rocks is always a great gift! Seriously, who wouldn’t want one?

    Purchase includes 10x box of rocks assets built on the Ravencoin blockchain.

    Direct Link to view a Box of Rocks on the Ravencoin blockchain:

    – Proceeds fund The Humble Mining game development. (

  • QmbkxMStvAxKN4XzUQuFUXNU6zTS6P38eSHJu72jMgb6ca


    USD only

    The first comic on Ravencoin’s blockchain.  Possibly the first comic as a Digitally Scarce Asset, commonly known as an NFT.

    Mint quantity is 100,000 and will NEVER be increased.  Limited editions will be released at 42% asset distribution.

    This asset is a living comic providing advantage to token holders to receive additional chapters at a zero cost to them.  Once token distribution has reached 9% a second chapter will be published over existing asset hash.

    Asset data: HERE