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    Asset de ravencoin, alusivo a la moneda pandacoin.

  • Raven’s Magical Matrix Day!

    Raven’s Magical Matrix Day!

    There will be an unlimited amount of NFTs. If anyone wants one, I will create for them.

    Anyone can create an NFT!

    This is a link to the IPFS Image:

  • River After Rain no 1

    This is the first frame of a series of 59 individually unique frames taken from a 3 second long, 4K drone video (watch drone clip HERE). Sub-Asset Title: Drone_Clips/River_After_Rain.

    View Digital Asset: HERE

    Asset IPFS: QmfFdgsXnuioSE5CiuSxEWrzbtdLJJX59KT1igV7ys7Y9Q

    Payment Type Accepted: USD (Stripe), Ravencoin, or Bitcoin. After the winning Bidder is notified of winning, I will contact them through the marketplace “note” function.

    Auction Ended
  • Rosehips by the sidewalk

    Rosehips by the sidewalk

    There will be an unlimited amount of NFTs. If anyone wants one, I will create for them.

    Anyone can create an NFT!

    This is a small lower quality version, the higher quality can be seen here:

    Rosehips by the sidewalk

  • RVNBOT018


    RVNBOTS are a project that used javascript to assemble 25 highly unique robot avatars from a combination of 70 hand designed elements. 

    Beyond the initial avatar, RVNBOTS are a long-term project with multiple opportunities to extend your purchase. A basic roadmap can be viewed on our twitter profile (@blockdogNFT

    Auction Ended
  • Rhino corruptionSilly Rhino

    Silly Rhino

    A corruption of a sprite.

  • SkaPunks LEGENDARY #0003

    Continuing our series of LEGENDARY SkaPunks we have #0003, and this one is really special.

    In a true first of its kind for both series, this trumpet playing member of the SkaPunks is both a completely unique DEGEN SMOKERS CLUB member and the first of our smokin’ SkaPunks!

    As with the other LEGENDARIES, this guy is 100% original and hand designed with completely unique features. He’s an incredible addition to anyone’s growing SkaPunks collection!


    Auction Ended

    Snowman Graffiti Art Created By Stacks  

  • Sunshine at Sunset

    Sunshine at Sunset

    This Digital Image is of an Acrylic Painting Created in July, at the shelter I’m currently staying at. 

    Limited Edition: #1 of 188 – 1,909 RVN (price is rough estimate). This is a small version. The large copy, is 2850 x 2126.

  • Sunshine at Sunset, in the city – MP4

    Sunshine at Sunset, in the city – MP4

    This is a simple Celphone MP4 NFT. There will be an unlimited amount of NFTs. If anyone wants one, I will create for them.

    Anyone can create an NFT!

    IPFS of the NFT can be seen here:

    If you are inspired to showcase Mother Earth, Please go to my website. I will showcase others who share their NFTs of Mother Earth as well.

    Mother Earth’s Sunshine at Sunset, in the city.

  • Taylor Starling – #1 Signature Digital Collectible

    Taylor “Killa Bee” Starling #1 Signature digital collectible!

    This 3D AR/VR enabled collectible is the 1st Taylor Starling signature collectible she has released. Support this rising super-star and be one of the first to own her rare digital collectibles!

    Link to NFT: Click HERE

    Winning bidder also receives a Taylor Starling Standard Edition digital trading card before it drops!

    Bidding is priced in dollars. If you are the winning bidder, you will be contact at the conclusion of the auction with a link to “pay now”. Once payment has been rendered, the digital asset will be sent to the wallet address you provide. If you do not provide a suitable Ravencoin Wallet address, Athlete Assets will contact the winning bidder to obtain this. For a free wallet option, please consider:

    Auction Ended
  • testven2

    Auction Ended
  • Tetairoa McMillan Signature NFT #1

    This is the first NFT made for 5-star University of Arizona Wide Receiver, Tetairoa McMillan! This collectible features officially licensed University of Arizona logos and copyright. Only 5 signature cards are made in this series and #2 through #5 will be available for sale at

    This metaverse-capable collectible features 3 different ways to view. MP4, flat JPEG, and 3D for AR/VR compatibility. View the NFT HERE

    Please review all terms and conditions featured with the NFT.

    This auction is priced in US dollars but the winning bidder will have the option to pay with cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, RVN, ETH accepted at this time). If you are the winning bidder, you will be notified via email at the conclusion of the auction to pay. If using debit/credit card, you can transact using PayPal Business. If you wish to use cryptocurrency, select that option and you will be contacted by Athlete Assets with the address and amount of cryptocurrency to send. Upon confirmation of the payment, your digital collectible will be sent.

    *IMPORTANT*: You must have a compatible blockchain wallet to receive this digital collectible. For a free option, please consider MangoWallet. If you do not provide a suitable wallet address at checkout, Athlete Assets will contact you.

    Auction Ended
  • text crypto

    Auction Ended