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  • The Sacred Sword

    The Sacred Sword

    Pixel Art Sword made for Day 9 of pixeltober2021 with the prompt “Sword”

    Pixel art Size: 60px x 100px
    NFT size: 600 x 1000
    File Type: Png

    The Sacred Sword NFT Link: QmRMLatkHHWYmfvqpFk71sPBWKHuha7UHwJpJY9eouBGGp

    I make a decent amount of NFT’s and this is my first one on this site, I have posted others on RVNFT which is also on the Ravencoin Blockchain. I will put more nfts on here soonish.

    Check me out on Twitter:

    please only bid with Ravencoin

    Auction Ended